Take Action

Support the Family

As mentioned in the film, Chuh and Rex are currently fighting for family reunification by seeking post-conviction relief for Chuh, which could lead to his family reunification. However, the family’s funds are stretched thin due to Chuh’s re-location to Vietnam and Rex’s newfound responsibility of raising four daughters on her own. To donate to the family’s legal fund as well as their family visitation funds, click here.

Buy a T-Shirt

Rex, who is featured in the film, collaborated with SEAC Village organizer Sam Xiong to create this tshirt depicting Montagnard culture and heritage, while also imagining a future where harmful systems that separate families are dismantled.

100% of proceeds go to Chuh and Rex’s legal battle for family reunification.

Advocate for the New Way Forward Act

New Way Forward repeals some of the worst provisions of the 1996 immigration laws that are directly responsible for expanding the incarceration of immigrants, creating a fast track for deportations without due process, setting the foundation for local police and ICE entanglement, and cementing the pipeline from arrest to deportation.

Host your own screening

Start the dialogue about deportation in your local community by hosting a screening of Fighting For Family! For your convenience, the filmmaking team has developed this comprehensive discussion guide and screening toolkit, which includes background information to present or send out to participants, discussion questions to promote dialogue, activities to pair with the film, and tangible action items for how to get involved with the issue.