FIGHTING FOR FAMILY is a 30-minute documentary that discusses the U.S. imperialist war machine and the intergenerational harm that it inflicts, from the refugee flight to the school to prison to deportation pipeline, but also highlights the power of resilience and community resistance.

FIGHTING FOR FAMILY has received honors such as the Loni Ding Award for Social Justice Documentary in 2020, Best Documentary Short at Justice on Trial Film Festival 2021, and the Spotlight Award at Viet Film Fest 2021. Originally created alongside organizers fighting the deportation of Southeast Asian refugees, the film has since been shown in community spaces, classrooms, film festivals, and workplaces to spark a discussion on the systemic anti-Asian hate experienced by working-class Asian American refugees, and how systems of U.S. imperialism, immigration policies, and the school-to-prison pipeline impacts communities everywhere.

The film is accompanied by a screening toolkit, which includes background information on the subject matter, resources to learn more about the issue, organizations to connect with, and sample discussion questions and activities to pair with the film.


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A screening of Fighting For Family with API RISE, a community group supporting Asian and Pacific Islander folks who are impacted by incarceration.